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I did business before. Since I followed the master to practice here, I sell some commodities by the way. You can have a look and find what you need.

Ascetic Fuhu

Ascetic Fuhu provides items for all 5 classes, as well as acting as a merchant for excess items. He also provides Soul Infusion to increase effectiveness of defensive gear and talismans, as well as adding or removing a Signature on defensive gear. In addition, he teaches the living skills Decompose, and Make Magicstones.


Purchase Item
  • Soul Quartz Soul Quartz
Sell Item
Soul Infusion
Remove Signature
Learn Living Skills

Quests Given

Holiday only


Item Cost
Soul Quartz Soul Quartz 50Silver
RemovedGreeting Card Greeting Card 01

Greeting Card Greeting Card 02

Greeting Card Greeting Card 03

Greeting Card Greeting Card 04

Greeting Card Greeting Card 05