It was created by the Heaven Child, Li Jing Xu , who is also called Master Jing Xu. He used to fight against the with Master Long-eyebrow and is half a immortal. The business is in the charge of Officer Tian Du and Ming He, because Master Jing Xu is wandering outside nearly all the year long. Assassin's fest is famous for being fierce and tough.

Standard Point: HP / Stamina / Combo, stamina point will recover 10 points in every second, the upper limit is 100 points
Feature: High damage attacker
Weakness: Weak ability of defense, the ability to long sustainable fighting is not enough
Usage in a Team: Short-distance attacker
Weapons: Chain Simitar and Dagger
Attack Attributes: Lightning and Poison
Main attribute: Dexterity


Weapon: Dagger, Chain Simitar

Assist: Hasty Shoes, Theurgy Bell, Array Flag, Dragon Roc

Defensive Gear

Default Blue Field Purple Crystal Sky Thunder
Default assassin armor.jpg
Blue Field armor.jpg
Purple Crystal armor.jpg
Sky Thunder armor.jpg
Hundred Fights Demon Ruin Greedy Wolf Loyal Toast
Demon Ruin armor.jpg
Greedy Wolf armor.jpg

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