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Attribute (Icon).png Attribute is a statistic that determinate what characteristics the player has by which talismans and defensive gears the player has equipped, and what kinds of modifications and enhancements have been added to them. You can see your characters attributes using the character dialogue box by pressing the keybind: C.

Basic attributes

  • Vitality: HP increase. Shared by all classes.
  • Strength: Basic damage increase. Primary attribute of monks.
  • Dexterity: Basic damage increase. Primary attribute of assassins.
  • Intelligence: Basic damage increase. Primary attribute of fairies, wizards and tamers.

Little Pets over level 10 can be used to increase basic attribute levels. They gain an 10 attribute points that can be assigned for each experience level they gain.

Extended attributes

Attribute system.jpg
Attribute interface.
  • Damage: Physical damage is being dealt by using normal attack.
  • Defense: Physical damage decrease.
  • Block: Chance to block.
  • C. Strike: Chance to critical strike.
  • Dodge: Chance to dodge attack.
  • Mortality: Rates for the player to ignore all defense of the target.
  • Obduracy: When player is inflicted critical damage reduces the damage.

Both basic and extended attributes can be increased through the use of magicstones or by using cooked fish.

Damage resistance

In addition there are 5 types of damage resistance:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Buddha
  • Poison

These are added to talismans and defensive gear by combining them with gems and fortune items for Plus (+) rank. Can also be increased by using rings and amulets.


  • Fatigue was probable implemented to decrease damage from PK other players, it is unknown what spouse does since both of them been removed from the game.
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