NPC's Edit

Area NPC
West Suburb of Stone City Apothecary
Sun Nan
Muscle-man Wei
Transport Fay
Reputation Merchant
Bothy Zhang Si
Examinee Zhou
Mercy Temple Fellow Liao Yi
Roaming Apothecary
Elite Axe Monk Soldier


Callet Head Young
Area Monster Name Level
West Suburb of Stone City Wild Wolf 25
Mace Fatso 25
Lecher 26
Monk Ranger 27
Phony Muscle Wei 24
Green Robe Master split body 26
Loong Fei's Guard 25
Loong Fei Stand-in 26
Poison Golden Silkworm 26
Arms Bear Residence Monk Mao Tai 27
Black Wind Camp Monk Yu De 28
Callet Head Young 28
Wei's Village Flame Tao 28
Cortege Xue 28
Cortege Qin 28
Zhi Fei Buddhist Monk 30


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
A Planted Agent in Mercy TemplePrimarySun Nan
ArhatScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Battle in Happiness HallGuildGuild level 4Stone of Sword
Battle in Mercy TempleGuildGuild level 3Stone of Sword
Battle in Wei's VillageEliteSun Nan
Break the Golden SilkwormEliteSun Nan
Clean Up the Evil MonksScenario27Reputation Merchant
Clean the Happiness HallScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Conspiracy in the Mercy TemplePrimaryLady FeiRattan Cave Adventure
Cruel GuardElite22Locked Up Examinee
Defeat the LecherPrimarySun Nan
Do Other a FavorPrimaryZhang SiThe wandering Evil Ghost
Fight for JusticePrimarySun Nan
Gather MaterialsRepeatableMuscle-man WeiThe wandering Evil Ghost
Green Robe MasterScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Happiness HallScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Hiding BeautyEliteFellow Liao Yi
Invitation for HeroesPrimarySun Nan
Lady ShiyuzhuEliteFellow Liao Yi
Mercy Temple Sturdy Monk SoldierPrimaryFellow Liao Yi
Monk Mao Tai (quest)EliteMuscle-man Wei
Perish the Green Robe MasterEliteSun Nan
Pioneer of Mercy TempleEliteSun Nan
Send Letters by Using PigeonsPrimaryMuscle-man Wei
Send MedicinePrimaryApothecary
The Enchanter in Mercy ForestRepeatableApothecary
The Enchanter in Mercy TempleRepeatableApothecary
The Enemy from Mercy TempleEliteSun Nan
The Evil Monks in Mercy TempleReputationApothecary
The Examinee Who is Blocked UpElite22Locked Up Examinee
The Monk Soldiers in Mercy TemplePrimaryMuscle-man Wei
The Trace of Enemy in the WoodsPrimarySun Nan
Western Suburb Evil ForceReputationReputation Merchant


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Tiger MountainStone CityBlack Wind CampBeauty VillageLaurel MountainSnow MountainWhorl Mountain
Vast MountainBlood MountainDai's FieldBlue MountainThunder RidgeSimen Mountain