NPC's Edit

Area NPC
Bamboo Forest Wounded Panda
White Nunnery White Cloud Master
Centipede Mountain Follower of Master Can
The Wounded Camp Reputation Merchant
Post Officer
Transport Fay
Warehouse Man
Doctor of the Camp
Teleport Stele
Cacodaemon Stockade Solitary Ghost
Elite Ghost Captain
Roaming Apothecary


Immortal Centipede

Ghost Wind Tao
Area Monster Name Level
Bamboo Forest Aberrance Bamboo Snake 11
Snake King Guard 11
Green Bamboo Snake 12
Green Bamboo Snake Head 12
Centipede Mountain Flying Centipede 13
Fatal Centipede 13
Immortal Centipede 14
Serene Village Servant of Snake Head 14
Snake Captor 14
Snake Head 16
Snakeman Guard 16
Snake Bandit General 16
Cacodaemon Stockade Ghost Fire 17
Vampire Ghost 18
Bitter Elf 19
Cacodaemon 20
Ghost Wind Tao 18


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Ancient StatuaryScenarioSnake Head WitchMysterious Altar
Avoid the Evil in the NunneryPrimary10White Cloud MasterFlying Centipede (quest)
Battle in Bamboo ValleyScenario10White Cloud Master
Battle in Snake CaveGuildGuild level 2Stone of Sword
Centipede DisasterReputationReputation Merchant
Different IdentitiesScenarioWhite Cloud Master
Elite Snake Head (quest)Primary12Doctor of the CampWeaken the Snake CaptorSnake Bandit General (quest)
Evil Poison MushroomRepeatablePolluted MushroomPerish the Poison Mushroom
Evil Snake on Cloud MountainReputation13Blacksmith
Exterminate Evil ChieftainScenario10White Cloud Master
Flying Centipede (quest)PrimaryWhite Cloud MasterAvoid the Evil in the NunneryThe Prayer Beads
Heal the WoundedPrimary12Doctor of the CampWeaken the Snake Captor
Homesick SonPrimary18Tie Dan
Immortal Centipede (quest)EliteFollower of Master CanThe Prayer Beads
Kill the Ghost Wind TaoEliteSolitary GhostRelease the Souls from Purgatory
KindnessPrimaryWounded PandaLooking for the Injured PandaPerish the Huge Snake
Look for the ApothecaryPrimaryFollower of Master Can
Mysterious AltarScenarioWhite Cloud MasterAncient Statuary
Perish the Huge SnakeEliteWounded Panda
Perish the Poison MushroomRepeatable14Polluted MushroomEvil Poison Mushroom
Release the Souls from PurgatoryScenario18Solitary GhostKill the Ghost Wind Tao
Repent and Be SavedEliteNun Su YinFairy Prentice (quest)Letters to Ascetic Fuhu
Seize Treasures BackScenarioWounded Panda
Send Letter to the NunneryPrimary10Wounded Panda
Snake Bandit General (quest)Elite12Doctor of the CampElite Snake Head (quest)
Snake DisasterScenarioReputation Merchant
Solitary Ghost (quest)Primary15Doctor of the CampThe Wandering Bitter Elf
The Aberrance on Cloud MountainPrimary15Solitary GhostKill the Ghost Wind Tao
The Ghost BreatheRepeatable15Blacksmith
The Ghosts' ComplaintScenario18Solitary GhostKill the Ghost Wind Tao
The Guard of the SoulsPrimaryDoctor of the CampThe Wandering Bitter Elf
The Prayer BeadsPrimaryFollower of Master CanFlying Centipede (quest)Immortal Centipede (quest)
The Wafting Ghost FirePrimary15Solitary GhostRelease the Souls from Purgatory
The Wandering Bitter ElfPrimary16Doctor of the CampSolitary Ghost (quest)The Guard of the Souls
Weaken the Snake CaptorPrimary12Doctor of the CampHeal the WoundedElite Snake Head (quest)


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