The cold spring water in the pool is used to confect liquid medicine for Old Namu. However, the water must be collected by a person who has a pure mind, or the water would be of no use. <Player name>, go and collect some for me. I will confect medicine with it.

Buddhist Novice Shan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Collect the spring water in the pool at the back mountain and give it to Buddhist Novice Shan.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thanks a lot! When you arrive at the pool, you would find a flaring circle, this is the place where the spring water comes up the ground. Your work is to go there and use the bottle that I have given to you inside that circle.

Ask DialgoueEdit

Have you collected enough spring water for me?


Use Empty Water Bottle Empty Water Bottle at [353,1358] to receive Filled Water Bottle Filled Water Bottle. Return to Buddhist Novice Shan for your reward.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Now I can confect the liquid medicine. (Shan put the mashed herbs into the spring water gently and then sir them slowly)