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The Dagger is a type of talisman for the assassin. It contains their Poison skills.


Talisman Level Req
Blue Steel Dagger Blue Steel Dagger 1
Sky Iron Dagger Sky Iron Dagger 10
Green Rock Dagger Green Rock Dagger 20
Ice Block Dagger Ice Block Dagger 30
Cold Blood Dagger Cold Blood Dagger 40
Soul Recall Dagger Soul Recall Dagger 50
Flighty Spirit Dagger Flighty Spirit Dagger 60
Black Fire Dagger Black Fire Dagger 70


Skill Level Req
Poison Sting Poison Sting 5
Rush Faint Rush Faint 5
Poison Bash Poison Bash 10
Poison Thorn Poison Thorn 20
Soul Lost Soul Lost 30


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