NPC's Edit

Area NPC
Yue Mansion Precision Blacksmith
Zhao Xinyuan
Master Huang
Star Town Tavern Boss
Post Officer
Warehouse Man
Precision Blacksmith
Reputation Merchant
Transport Fay
Teleport Stele
Ling Mansion Young Man of Lings Mansion
Sir Ling
Dai's Field Precision Blacksmith
Wounded Villager
Scholar Yu
White Mansion Apothecary
Precision Blacksmith
Childe Baiqi
Warehouse Man
Reputation Merchant
Post Officer
Market of Clear Water Dam Auctioneer
Post Officer
Precision Blacksmith
Warehouse Man
Villager (Clear Water Dam)
Reputation Merchant
Transport Fay
Loo's Graves Keeper
Old Man (Clear Water Dam)
Immortal Lee
Teleport Stele
Spy in Loos Village
Old Field of Loo's Village Precision Blacksmith
Wife of Muscle-man Wei

Monsters Edit

Area Monster Name Level
Yue Mansion Elite Blade Ranger 50
Elite Masked Heister 50
Ninja Stabber 50
Xuyu 50
Elite Bine Monster 51
Brier Beast 51
Immortal Turtle Beast 51
Green Viper 51
Star Town Fisherman 52
Spalpeen 52
Wicked Moocher 52
River Bandit 52
Ling Mansion Cateran 52
Guard of Chen's Manor 53
Soldier of Chen's Manor 53
Firebolt Wei-Chiyuan 53
Chen's Manor Club Servitor 53
Vice Leader Chen-Changgu 54
Dai's Field Sentinel of Chen's Manor 54
Watcher of Chen's Manor 54
Pawn of Chen's Manor 54
Wheel Blade Cui-Tianshou 54
Nark of Loo's Village 55
Blademan of Loo's Village 55
Mazy Woods Iron Tail Tiger 55
Steel Teeth Crocodile 55
Jade Robe Heister 56
Brawny Soldier 56
Guard of Heister Head 56
Heister Head 56
Loo's Village Soldier of Loo's Village 57
Guard of Loo's Village 57
Posseman of Loo's Village 57
Racoon Loosi 57
Guard of Screw Bay 58
Jail of Screw Bay Jailor of Screw Bay 58
Head of Screw Bay 58
Fire Chainball Loosan 58
Ichthyoid Cave Cursed Villager 59
One-eyed Necromancer 59
Apprentice of Blaze Skull 59


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
A Decisive Battle of StarsScenario55Reputation Merchant
A Scene of Scorpion and SpiderScenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Acesodyne (quest)Primary49Zhao XinyuanElite Bine Monster (quest)
Aim at Super Battle SpiderScenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Ancient Catacomb ExplorationScenario58Loos Graves KeeperAncient Catacomb Key
Ancient Catacomb FragmentScenario55Loos Graves KeeperAncient Catacomb Key
Ancient Catacomb KeyPrimary58Loos Graves KeeperAncient Catacomb FragmentAncient Catacomb Exploration
Appointment in Star TownPrimary49Master HuangImmortal Turtle Beast (quest)
Apprentice of Blaze Skull (quest)Primary57Wife of Muscle-man WeiScout Ichthyoid Cave again
Baiqi's GiftPrimary53Childe BaiqiBattle Chen-Changgu
Battle Chen-ChangguElite53Childe BaiqiSecret of Ichthyoid CaveBaiqi's Gift
Brawny Soldier (quest)Primary54Villager (Clear Water Dam)Jade Robe Heister (quest)
Cateran (quest)Primary50BistroFisherman (quest)
Clean Up Ichthyoid CaveReputation57Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Clean Up the Jail (Energy)Repeatable56Wounded Person
Clean up Dai's Field (Energy)Repeatable52Scholar Yu
Clear up Spider CatacombScenarioLoos Graves Keeper
Collect Material for ArmorPrimary53Childe Baiqi
Collect Material for MedicinePrimary53Childe Baiqi
Collect PanaceaPrimary49Master HuangImmortal Turtle Beast (quest)
Defeat Evil and ViperScenario55Villager (Clear Water Dam)
Demonstrate YourselfPrimary57Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Demonstrate to Baiqi (Reputation)Reputation53Childe Baiqi
Eliminate the Heister HeadElite54Old Man (Clear Water Dam)Brawny Soldier (quest)
Eliminate the last obstacleScenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Elite Bine Monster (quest)Primary49Zhao XinyuanAcesodyne (quest)
Elite Blade Ranger (quest)Primary48Zhao XinyuanElite Masked Heister (quest)
Elite Masked Heister (quest)Primary48Zhao XinyuanElite Blade Ranger (quest)Ninja Stabber (quest)
End of the SoleScenario58Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Evils in Star TowerScenario56Spy in Loos Village
Expel the Brier BeastPrimary49Master HuangImmortal Turtle Beast (quest)
Explore Loo's VillagePrimary55Old Man (Clear Water Dam)Guard of Loo's Village (quest)
Exterminate (Energy)Repeatable54Old Man (Clear Water Dam)
Fight Back the Loo's VillageReputation55Spy in Loos Village
Fight TogetherScenario57Old Man (Clear Water Dam)
Fire Chainball Loosan (quest)Elite56Wife of Muscle-man WeiSudden Strike the JailProtect Young Lady Dengping
Firebolt Wei-Chiyan (quest)Elite51Young Man of Lings MansionSoldier of Chen's Manor (quest)Vice Leader Chen-Chuanggu (quest)
Fisherman (quest)Primary50BistroCateran (quest)
Guard of Loo's Village (quest)Primary55Villager (Clear Water Dam)Explore Loo's VillageOld Field
Secret of Loo's Village
Guard of Screw Bay (quest)Primary56Wife of Muscle-man WeiSudden Strike the Jail
Hero in Star Town (Energy)Repeatable50Tavern Boss
Immortal Turtle Beast (quest)Primary49Master HuangExpel the Brier BeastAppointment in Star Town
Jade Robe Heister (quest)Primary54Villager (Clear Water Dam)Brawny Soldier (quest)
Leftover of Whorl Mountain (Energy)Repeatable48Zhao Xinyuan
Letters to Son-in-LawPrimary52Sir Ling
Ling's CrisisPrimary51BistroOutside Ling's Mansion
Lost Box (quest)Primary54Auctioneer
Madam Golden Whisk's EntrustPrimary48Madam Golden Whisk
Millenary Flame Spider (quest)Scenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Millenary Iron Scorpion (quest)Scenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Nark of Loo's Village (quest)Primary53Scholar YuSecret of Ichthyoid Cave
Ninja Stabber (quest)Primary48Zhao XinyuanElite Masked Heister (quest)Perdition of Whorl Mountain
Old FieldPrimary55Spy in Loos VillageGuard of Loo's Village (quest)Wife of Muscle-man Wei (quest)
Outside Ling's MansionPrimary51Young Man of Lings MansionLing's CrisisSoldier of Chen's Manor (quest)
Pawn of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary52Scholar YuWatcher of Chen's Manor (quest)Wheel Blade Cui-Tianshou (quest)
Perdition of Whorl MountainElite48Zhao XinyuanNinja Stabber (quest)
Pick some Fresh BerryPrimary56Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Protect Young Lady DengpingPrimary56Young Lady DengpingFire Chainball Loosan (quest)
River Bandit (quest)Primary50Bistro
Sapless Brier (Reputation)Reputation49Master Huang
Scout Ichthyoid CavePrimary57Wife of Muscle-man WeiScout Ichthyoid Cave again
Scout Ichthyoid Cave againPrimary57Wife of Muscle-man WeiScout Ichthyoid CaveApprentice of Blaze Skull (quest)
Secret of Ichthyoid CavePrimary50Childe BaiqiNark of Loo's Village (quest)Battle Chen-Changgu
Secret of Loo's VillageElite55Spy in Loos VillageGuard of Loo's Village (quest)
Sentinel of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary52Wounded VillagerWatcher of Chen's Manor (quest)
Soldier of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary51Young Man of Lings MansionOutside Ling's MansionFirebolt Wei-Chiyan (quest)
Spalpeen (quest)Primary50BistroWicked Moocher (quest)
Sudden Strike the JailPrimary56Wife of Muscle-man WeiGuard of Screw Bay (quest)Fire Chainball Loosan (quest)
Transport ProvenderPrimary54Auctioneer
Vice Leader Chen-Chuanggu (quest)Primary51Sir LingFirebolt Wei-Chiyan (quest)
Villager Head's EntrustPrimary48Village Head
Watcher of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary52Scholar YuSentinel of Chen's Manor (quest)Pawn of Chen's Manor (quest)
Wheel Blade Cui-Tianshou (quest)Elite52Scholar YuPawn of Chen's Manor (quest)
Wicked Moocher (quest)Primary50BistroSpalpeen (quest)
Wife of Muscle-man Wei (quest)Primary55Spy in Loos VillageOld Field
Wise Arrest of Jet-arm LuoScenario54Auctioneer


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