Talisman Online Wiki
Quest Level Given by Location Preceded by Followed by
Meet Again 14 Xiao San-er Crow Forest Strange Animal in Rattan Cave
The Hunter on Tiger Mountain 15 Aborigine Hunter Tiger Mountain
The Bandits in Stone City 20 Rich Man Stone City
The Ghost Breathe 15 Blacksmith Cloud Mountain
The Enchanter in Mercy Forest Apothecary Black Wind Camp
Wishes from Sir Disaster Little Monk Sky Village
Green Spring Gully Crisis Ruo Lan Laurel Mountain
Perish the Poison Mushroom 14 Polluted Mushroom Cloud Mountain Snake Cave Evil Poison Mushroom
Save Examinee Zhou Examinee Zhou Stone City
Infected Animals 10 Buddhist Novice Ming [[Lotus Cave]]
Clean the Water 20 Fairy Prentice Green Scarp Full Moon
Full Moon 25 Fairy Prentice Green Scarp Clean the Water
Perish Blood Eidolon 15 Buddhist Novice Ming Green Scarp
Far Temple Crisis 38 Snow Village Head Snow Village
The Enchanter in Mercy Temple Apothecary Black Wind Camp
Protect Pink Bee 45 Pink Bee Snow Village
Leftover of Whorl Mountain (Energy) 48 Zhao Xinyuan Dais Field
Convoy the Tao Companion Qiu Lin Stone City
Deformity Joss (Reputation) 44 Lee Yingqiong Vast Mountain
Beast Horn (Reputation) 44 Village Head Vast Mountain
Lascivious Token (Reputation) 47 Chase Geezer Vast Mountain
Ogre Paw (Reputation) 45 Villager (White Bear) Vast Mountain
Wood Demon Head (Reputation) 46 Bamboo Hat Tao Vast Mountain
Sapless Brier (Reputation) 49 Master Huang Dais Field
Hero in Star Town (Energy) 50 Tavern Boss Dais Field
Clean up Dai's Field (Energy) 52 Scholar Yu Dais Field
Demonstrate to Baiqi (Reputation) 53 Childe Baiqi Dais Field
Exterminate (Energy) 54 Old Man (Clear Water Dam) Dais Field
Ancient Catacomb Fragment 55 Loos Graves Keeper Loos Graves Ancient Catacomb Key
Clean Up the Jail (Energy) 56 Wounded Person Dais Field
Escape Murk Woods Cinbo Murk Woods
Challenge Moon Dragon Fighter 61 Bulletin Board Moon Dragon Village
Challenge Moon Dragon Guard 61 Bulletin Board Moon Dragon Village
Challenge Moon Dragon Warlock 63 Bulletin Board Moon Dragon Village
Clear up Spider Catacomb Loos Graves Keeper Loos Graves
Challenge Moon Dragon Strong Man 64 Bulletin Board Moon Dragon Village
Clear up the Laurel Wonderland 35 Reputation Merchant Laurel Mountain
Exterminate Heathendom 66 Chase Geezer Moon Dragon Village
Weakness of Forces 67 Master Can Moon Dragon Village
Exterminate Local Bully 68 Sir Lu Moon Dragon Village