Darkness Valley is a training zone for tamers only. It is located south of Sand Village.

NPC's Edit

Area NPC
Living Zone Little Flying Sprite
Lu Jin
Lu Wuer
Front Square Lu Xiao
Niu Er
Tiger Head Man
Present Man
Post Officer
Little Aberrance Dog
Darkness Avenue Little Wood Man
Animals Zone White Parrot


Area Monster Name Level
Avenue Little Tree Sprit 1
Aberrance Wolfman 3
Big Sprite 4
Animals Zone Parrot 4
Cave of Back Mountain Red Sprite 4
Mountain Sprite 4


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Brighten TamerPrimaryWhite ParrotThe Test of Tamer
Collect the HerbsPrimaryLu XiaoLu Jin (quest)
Expel the Aberrance WolfmanPrimaryLu JinExplore the Darkness Valley Forest
Explore the Darkness Valley ForestPrimaryLu XiaoExpel the Aberrance Wolfman
Lu Jin (quest)PrimaryLu JinCollect the HerbsVisit White Parrot
The Checkerboard in the ForestPrimaryTiger Head ManThe Reply from White ParrotThe Test of Tamer
The Reply from White ParrotPrimaryWhite ParrotWipe Out the SpriteThe Checkerboard in the Forest
The Test of TamerPrimaryWhite ParrotThe Checkerboard in the ForestBrighten Tamer
Visit White ParrotPrimaryTiger Head ManLu Jin (quest)Wipe Out the Sprite
Wipe Out the SpritePrimaryWhite ParrotVisit White ParrotThe Reply from White Parrot

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