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Defensive gear or armor, is based on character class and level.

Defensive gear comes in 5 grades.

  • Common gear offers basic Physical defense and can be identified by the fact the name is white. This gear is available from the Blacksmith and as drops from mob kills.
  • Uncommon gear offers Physical defense, plus one or two additional attribute buffs and can be identified by its green name. This gear is available from quest rewards and mob drops. Secondary buffs need to be unlocked using Green Identify Gems.
  • Rare gear offers higher Physical defense than common or uncommon, one or two additional attribute buffs, and is identified by its blue name. This gear is available from the Reputation Merchant, as quest rewards, and from mob drops, most often from bosses. Secondary buffs need to be unlocked with Blue Identify Gems.
  • Golden gear offers higher Physical defense than rare gear, one or two additional attribute buffs, and can be identified by its gold name. Secondary buffs need to be unlocked with Golden Identify Gems. This gear is available from high level mob drops and chests.
  • Defensive gear suits offer Physical defense, multiple additional buffs, and additional bonuses as more pieces are equipped. Suit pieces can be identified by their purple names. Defensive gear suits are available from the Reputation Merchant in White Bear Village, Loo's Graves Keeper in Clear Water Dam, the Competition Merchant, or as drops from mobs, most often bosses.


Green Elf (Male) Green Elf (Female) Component Level
Green Elf armor m.jpg
Green Elf armor f.jpg
Green Elf Robe Green Elf Robe 8
Green Elf Belt Green Elf Belt 6
Green Elf Cuff Green Elf Cuff 2
Green Elf Armguard Green Elf Armguard 3
Green Elf Kneepad Green Elf Kneepad 4
Green Elf Boots Green Elf Boots 5
Red Fire (Male) Red Fire (Female) Component Level
Red Fire armor m.jpg
Red Fire armor f.jpg
Red Fire Robe Red Fire Robe 18
Red Fire Belt Red Fire Belt 16
Red Fire Cuff Red Fire Cuff 12
Red Fire Armguard Red Fire Armguard 13
Red Fire Kneepad Red Fire Kneepad 14
Red Fire Boots Red Fire Boots 15
Blue Jade (Male) Blue Jade (Female) Component Level
Blue Jade armor m.jpg
Blue Jade armor f.jpg
Blue Jade Robe Blue Jade Robe 28
Blue Jade Belt Blue Jade Belt 26
Blue Jade Cuff Blue Jade Cuff 22
Blue Jade Armguard Blue Jade Armguard 23
Blue Jade Kneepad Blue Jade Kneepad 24
Blue Jade Boots Blue Jade Boots 25
Ice Freezing (Male) Ice Freezing (Female) Component Level
Ice Freezing armor f.jpg
Ice Freezing Battle Robe Ice Freezing Battle Robe 38
Ice Freezing Belt Ice Freezing Belt 36
Ice Freezing Cuff Ice Freezing Cuff 32
Ice Freezing Armguard Ice Freezing Armguard 33
Ice Freezing Kneepad Ice Freezing Kneepad 34
Ice Freezing Boots Ice Freezing Boots 35
Fire Dragon (Male) Fire Dragon (Female) Component Level
Fire Dragon Battle Robe Fire Dragon Battle Robe 48
Fire Dragon Belt Fire Dragon Belt 46
Fire Dragon Cuff Fire Dragon Cuff 42
Fire Dragon Armguard Fire Dragon Armguard 43
Fire Dragon Kneepad Fire Dragon Kneepad 44
Fire Dragon Boots Fire Dragon Boots 45
Seven Stars (Male) Seven Stars (Female) Component Level
Seven Stars armor m.jpg
Seven Stars Battle Robe Seven Stars Battle Robe 58
Seven Stars Belt Seven Stars Belt 56
Seven Stars Cuff Seven Stars Cuff 52
Seven Stars Armguard Seven Stars Armguard 53
Seven Stars Kneepad Seven Stars Kneepad 54
Seven Stars Boots Seven Stars Boots 55
Four Void (Male) Four Void (Female) Component Level
Four Void armor m.jpg
Four Void Holy Robe Four Void Holy Robe 68
Four Void Belt Four Void Belt 66
Four Void Cuff Four Void Cuff 62
Four Void Armguard Four Void Armguard 63
Four Void Kneepad Four Void Kneepad 64
Four Void Boots Four Void Boots 65


Grey Cloth Component Level
Grey Cloth Frock Grey Cloth Frock 8
Grey Cloth Belt Grey Cloth Belt 6
Grey Cloth Cuff Grey Cloth Cuff 2
Grey Cloth Armguard Grey Cloth Armguard 3
Grey Cloth Kneepad Grey Cloth Kneepad 4
Grey Cloth Boots Grey Cloth Boots 5
Commandment Component Level
Commandment Frock Commandment Frock 18
Commandment Belt Commandment Belt 16
Commandment Cuff Commandment Cuff 12
Commandment Armguard Commandment Armguard 13
Commandment Kneepad Commandment Kneepad 14
Commandment Boots Commandment Boots 15
Sky Drum Component Level
Sky Drum armor.jpg
Sky Drum Frock Sky Drum Frock 28
Sky Drum Belt Sky Drum Belt 26
Sky Drum Cuff Sky Drum Cuff 22
Sky Drum Armguard Sky Drum Armguard 23
Sky Drum Kneepad Sky Drum Kneepad 24
Sky Drum Boots Sky Drum Boots 25
Wild Vision Component Level
Wild Vision Battle Frock Wild Vision Battle Frock 38
Wild Vision Belt Wild Vision Belt 36
Wild Vision Cuff Wild Vision Cuff 32
Wild Vision Armguard Wild Vision Armguard 33
Wild Vision Kneepad Wild Vision Kneepad 34
Wild Vision Boots Wild Vision Boots 35
Thunder Sound Component Level
Thunder Sound Battle Frock Thunder Sound Battle Frock 48
Thunder Sound Belt Thunder Sound Belt 46
Thunder Sound Cuff Thunder Sound Cuff 42
Thunder Sound Armguard Thunder Sound Armguard 43
Thunder Sound Kneepad Thunder Sound Kneepad 44
Thunder Sound Boots Thunder Sound Boots 45
Buddha Vigor Component Level
Buddha Vigor armor.jpg
Buddha Vigor Battle Frock Buddha Vigor Battle Frock 58
Buddha Vigor Belt Buddha Vigor Belt 56
Buddha Vigor Cuff Buddha Vigor Cuff 52
Buddha Vigor Armguard Buddha Vigor Armguard 53
Buddha Vigor Kneepad Buddha Vigor Kneepad 54
Buddha Vigor Boots Buddha Vigor Boots 55


Rosebush Component Level
Rosebush armor.jpg
Rosebush Dress Rosebush Dress 8
Rosebush Belt Rosebush Belt 6
Rosebush Cuff Rosebush Cuff 2
Rosebush Armguard Rosebush Armguard 3
Rosebush Kneepad Rosebush Kneepad 4
Rosebush Boots Rosebush Boots 5
Redbud Component Level
Redbud armor.jpg
Redbud Dress Redbud Dress 18
Redbud Belt Redbud Belt 16
Redbud Cuff Redbud Cuff 12
Redbud Armguard Redbud Armguard 13
Redbud Kneepad Redbud Kneepad 14
Redbud Boots Redbud Boots 15
Cherry Component Level
Cherry armor.jpg
Cherry Dress Cherry Dress 28
Cherry Belt Cherry Belt 26
Cherry Cuff Cherry Cuff 22
Cherry Armguard Cherry Armguard 23
Cherry Kneepad Cherry Kneepad 24
Cherry Boots Cherry Boots 25
Orchid Component Level
Orchid armor.jpg
Orchid Battle Dress Orchid Battle Dress 38
Orchid Belt Orchid Belt 36
Orchid Cuff Orchid Cuff 32
Orchid Armguard Orchid Armguard 33
Orchid Kneepad Orchid Kneepad 34
Orchid Boots Orchid Boots 35
Lily Component Level
Lily armor.jpg
Lily Battle Dress Lily Battle Dress 48
Lily Belt Lily Belt 46
Lily Cuff Lily Cuff 42
Lily Armguard Lily Armguard 43
Lily Kneepad Lily Kneepad 44
Lily Boots Lily Boots 45
Willow Component Level
Willow Battle Dress Willow Battle Dress 58
Willow Belt Willow Belt 56
Willow Cuff Willow Cuff 52
Willow Armguard Willow Armguard 53
Willow Kneepad Willow Kneepad 54
Willow Boots Willow Boots 55
Daphne Component Level
Daphne Elite Dress Daphne Elite Dress 68
Daphne Belt Daphne Belt 66
Daphne Cuff Daphne Cuff 62
Daphne Armguard Daphne Armguard 63
Daphne Kneepad Daphne Kneepad 64
Daphne Boots Daphne Boots 65


Hill Finch Component Level
Hill Finch armor.jpg
Hill Finch Corslet Hill Finch Corslet 8
Hill Finch Belt Hill Finch Belt 6
Hill Finch Cuff Hill Finch Cuff 2
Hill Finch Armguard Hill Finch Armguard 3
Hill Finch Kneepad Hill Finch Kneepad 4
Hill Finch Boots Hill Finch Boots 5
Green Swift Component Level
Green Swift armor.jpg
Green Swift Corslet Green Swift Corslet 18
Green Swift Belt Green Swift Belt 16
Green Swift Cuff Green Swift Cuff 12
Green Swift Armguard Green Swift Armguard 13
Green Swift Kneepad Green Swift Kneepad 14
Green Swift Boots Green Swift Boots 15
Night Hawk Component Level
Night Hawk armor.jpg
Night Hawk Corslet Night Hawk Corslet 28
Night Hawk Belt Night Hawk Belt 26
Night Hawk Cuff Night Hawk Cuff 22
Night Hawk Armguard Night Hawk Armguard 23
Night Hawk Kneepad Night Hawk Kneepad 24
Night Hawk Boots Night Hawk Boots 25
Silver Gull Component Level
Silver Gull armor.jpg
Silver Gull Battle Corslet Silver Gull Battle Corslet 38
Silver Gull Belt Silver Gull Belt 36
Silver Gull Cuff Silver Gull Cuff 32
Silver Gull Armguard Silver Gull Armguard 33
Silver Gull Kneepad Silver Gull Kneepad 34
Silver Gull Boots Silver Gull Boots 35
Blue Snipe Component Level
Blue Snipe armor.jpg
Blue Snipe Battle Corslet Blue Snipe Battle Corslet 48
Blue Snipe Belt Blue Snipe Belt 46
Blue Snipe Cuff Blue Snipe Cuff 42
Blue Snipe Armguard Blue Snipe Armguard 43
Blue Snipe Kneepad Blue Snipe Kneepad 44
Blue Snipe Boots Blue Snipe Boots 45
Red Ibis Component Level
Red Ibis armor.jpg
Red Ibis Battle Corslet Red Ibis Battle Corslet 58
Red Ibis Belt Red Ibis Belt 56
Red Ibis Cuff Red Ibis Cuff 52
Red Ibis Armguard Red Ibis Armguard 53
Red Ibis Kneepad Red Ibis Kneepad 54
Red Ibis Boots Red Ibis Boots 55
Black Falcon Component Level
Black Falcon armor.jpg
Black Falcon Elite Corslet Black Falcon Elite Corslet 68
Black Falcon Belt Black Falcon Belt 66
Black Falcon Cuff Black Falcon Cuff 62
Black Falcon Armguard Black Falcon Armguard 63
Black Falcon Kneepad Black Falcon Kneepad 64
Black Falcon Boots Black Falcon Boots 65


Blue Field Component Level
Blue Field armor.jpg
Blue Field Cuirass Blue Field Cuirass 8
Blue Field Belt Blue Field Belt 6
Blue Field Cuff Blue Field Cuff 2
Blue Field Armguard Blue Field Armguard 3
Blue Field Kneepad Blue Field Kneepad 4
Blue Field Boots Blue Field Boots 5
Purple Crystal Component Level
Purple Crystal armor.jpg
Purple Crystal Cuirass Purple Crystal Cuirass 18
Purple Crystal Belt Purple Crystal Belt 16
Purple Crystal Cuff Purple Crystal Cuff 12
Purple Crystal Armguard Purple Crystal Armguard 13
Purple Crystal Kneepad Purple Crystal Kneepad 14
Purple Crystal Boots Purple Crystal Boots 15
Sky Thunder Component Level
Sky Thunder armor.jpg
Sky Thunder Cuirass Sky Thunder Cuirass 28
Sky Thunder Belt Sky Thunder Belt 26
Sky Thunder Cuff Sky Thunder Cuff 22
Sky Thunder Armguard Sky Thunder Armguard 23
Sky Thunder Kneepad Sky Thunder Kneepad 24
Sky Thunder Boots Sky Thunder Boots 25
Hundred Fights Component Level
Hundred Fights Battle Cuirass Hundred Fights Battle Cuirass 38
Hundred Fights Belt Hundred Fights Belt 36
Hundred Fights Cuff Hundred Fights Cuff 32
Hundred Fights Armguard Hundred Fights Armguard 33
Hundred Fights Kneepad Hundred Fights Kneepad 34
Hundred Fights Boots Hundred Fights Boots 35
Demon Ruin Component Level
Demon Ruin armor.jpg
Demon Ruin Battle Cuirass Demon Ruin Battle Cuirass 48
Demon Ruin Belt Demon Ruin Belt 46
Demon Ruin Cuff Demon Ruin Cuff 42
Demon Ruin Armguard Demon Ruin Armguard 43
Demon Ruin Kneepad Demon Ruin Kneepad 44
Demon Ruin Boots Demon Ruin Boots 45
Greedy Wolf Component Level
Greedy Wolf armor.jpg
Greedy Wolf Battle Cuirass Greedy Wolf Battle Cuirass 58
Greedy Wolf Belt Greedy Wolf Belt 56
Greedy Wolf Cuff Greedy Wolf Cuff 52
Greedy Wolf Armguard Greedy Wolf Armguard 53
Greedy Wolf Kneepad Greedy Wolf Kneepad 54
Greedy Wolf Boots Greedy Wolf Boots 55
Loyal Toast Component Level
Loyal Toast Elite Cuirass Loyal Toast Elite Cuirass 68
Loyal Toast Belt Loyal Toast Belt 66
Loyal Toast Cuff Loyal Toast Cuff 62
Loyal Toast Armguard Loyal Toast Armguard 63
Loyal Toast Kneepad Loyal Toast Kneepad 64
Loyal Toast Boots Loyal Toast Boots 65

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