Recently, people from all over the country gather together in Stone City. Maybe they are all here for the Divine Beast. This is Divine Beast was one of Sixiang in Taoism. It relates to the western group of seven constellations in twenty-eighth constellations. It looks like a tiger and is located in teh west. Its nature is gold. Its roar has the deterrent power. <Player name>, it is not an easy job to get the Divine Beast. You have to get the Divine Beast scroll from the Snake Cave on Cloud Mountain, Rattan Cave on Tiger Mountain, and Happiness Hall in Mercy Temple. Hahahaha...Do you feel dizzy when heard so much about this? I have told you all that I know. Wish you good luck!

Immortal Lee

Quest DescriptionEdit

According to what Immortal Lee said, go to the Snake Cave on Cloud Mountain, Rattan Cave on Tiger Mountain, and the Happiness Hall in Mercy Temple to collect all three Divine Beast Scrolls. Then change them for the Divine Beast from Immortal Lee.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

This will be a hard trip. You cannot finish it all by yourself. You'd better ask some people to go with you.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you still here? You forget something? The three Divine Beast Scroll are all in the scenarios. You have to take care!


You need to kill the final boss in Snake Cave, Rattan Cave and Happiness Hall, and collect the scrolls from them.
Its recommended to do the caves with a team.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Hahaha... it never occurred to me that we can meet again. It's unexpected that you get the three of the Divine Beast Scrolls. Heroes really come from younger generation.