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There is a pool at the back mountain. Thousands of years ago, the first fight between the justice and evil parties took place there. The spring water in the pool is very clear and of great curative effect. It's irritating that some apes always dirty the spring water. <Player name>, please help to drive away those apes!

Buddhist Novice Shan

Quest Description

Help the Buddhist Novice Shan to drive away the apes at the back mountain, preventing them from dirtying the spring water.

Acceptance Dialogue

The apes are long-living in the mountain and they are vigorous and smart. Be careful!

Ask Dialogue

Is it true that you have driven away all the disgusting apes?


Kill 2 Apes.

Accomplish Dialogue

(Buddhist Novice Shan looked at you with amusement, and then said) <Player name>, Thanks a lot! You are much capable than I've thought! I'm sure you can finish the following task excellently.