<Player name>, thanks for driving away some of the Roving Bandits. But the villager who came out for business went back and said that the number of the bandits in the group were far more big than those you had driven away. There are still many bandits out of Sky Village. We need to punish them in a direct way. Please help us to do it.


Quest DescriptionEdit

The blacksmith asked you to perish the bandits at field of south suburb of Sky Village. You can first observe the spread of the bandits.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

It is said that they also built encampment to collect the goods they robbed You'd Better do a research.

Ask DialogueEdit

The bandits gather at the field of Sky Village's south suburb.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

What did you say? The bandits have built encampment? That is to say, the road to south is totally blanked off. How should we do? Our goods come from the trade with the south.