Hundreds of years ago, the sealed soul of Demon Blood Master escaped from the bound of the ice at a key moment. The blood eidolons are those eidolons who helped Blood master with his escape. After the success escape of Blood Master, our masters sealed those blood eidolons. However, it seems that they are now active and they always attacks our brothers when they are patrolling. Please go there to give them a lesson.

Buddhist Novice Ming

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Buddhist Novice Ming to kill the blood eidolons that are hiding in the secret cave behind the waterfall.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The blood eidolons are very wicked. Take care!

Ask DialogueEdit

You must take care! Those blood eidolons are formidable opponents.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Good! You have done a good job! But I don't think this is the end of the problem.