It was created by immortal nun, You Tan, who only wants female prentices. Although most of the officers are monk prentices, they don't insist that all the prentices should do a tonsure. New prentices can cultivate themselves with hair.

Standard Point: HP / Mana
Feature: Strong ability to cure
Weakness: Weak anti-attacking ability
Usage in a Team: Curer, benefits-adding person
Weapons: Flying Wheel and Buddha Pearl
Attack Attributes: Buddha and Lightning
Main attribute: Intelligence


Weapon: Pearl, Wheel

Assist: Treasure Leaf, Wonder Needle, Purple Cloud, Purple Cowry

Defensive gearEdit

Default Rosebush Redbud Cherry
Default Fairy armor
Rosebush armor
Redbud armor
Cherry armor
Orchid Lily Willow Daphne
Orchid armor
Lily armor
Willow armor

List of skills Edit

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