Golden Peak Mountain is the home of the Wizard school founded by Master Changmei 2000 years ago. It is located just to the west of Green Scarp

NPC's Edit

Area NPC
Golden Peak Mountain Madam Miao Yi
Golden Cicada
Nun Wind
Lee Yingqiong
Nun Moon
Present Man
Post Officer
Qi Lingyun
Teleport Stele


Area Monster Name Level
Piedmont of Golden
Peak Mountain
Bobtail Monkey 1
Stalagmite Ravine Pangolin 3
Meat Ganoderma 4
Millenary Meat Ganoderma 5


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Arrange the Battle ArrayPrimaryWizard OnlyNun WindThe Disruptive Bobtail Monkey
Go Down of the Mountain (Golden Peak)PrimaryWizard OnlyQi LingyunThe Test in Golden Peak Mountain
Regain VitalityPrimaryWizard OnlyLee YingqiongUnexpected Guest
The Disruptive Bobtail MonkeyPrimaryWizard OnlyNun WindArrange the Battle Array
The Ganoderma HeartPrimaryWizard OnlyGolden CicadaThe Meat Ganoderma
The Meat GanodermaPrimaryWizard OnlyGolden CicadaThe Ganoderma Heart
The Test in Golden Peak MountainEliteWizard OnlyQi LingyunGo Down of the Mountain (Golden Peak)
Unexpected GuestPrimaryWizard onlyLee YingqiongRegain Vitality

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