Green Scarp is the first region players will enter when they begin playing Talisman Online.

NPC's Edit

Area NPC
Green Scarp Square Talisman Fairy
Buddha Slave
Buddhist Novice Shan
Buddhist Novice Ming
Buddhist Novice Qing
Wizard Practicer
Monk Practicer
Fairy Practicer
Tamer Practicer
Assassin Practicer
Fairy Prentice
Iron Arms Lee
Warehouse Man
Monk Prentice
Post Officer
Present Man
Transport Fay
Nanmu Guard
Millenary Nanmu Guard
Old Nanmu
Teleport Stele


Area Monster Name Level
Green Scarp Little Wild Boar 1
Wild Boar 2
Black Mountain of Green Scarp Ape 2
Secret Cave of Green Scarp Blood Eidolon 4
Big Blood Eidolon 5


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Birth GiftPrimary1Talisman FairyNoneGreedy Buddha Slave
Capture Blood EidolonPrimary3 Tamer onlyBuddha Slave
Clean the WaterScenario20Fairy PrenticeFull Moon
Collect the Spring WaterPrimary3Buddhist Novice ShanDrive Away the ApesSend the Medicine
Exterminate the Blood EidolonsPrimary4Buddhist Novice MingSend the MedicineKill the Big Blood Eidolon
Fairy PrenticeElite20Fairy PrenticeOral Message from Ascetic Fuhu‎Repent and Be Saved
Full MoonScenario25Fairy PrenticeClean the Water
Go Down of the MountainPrimary5Iron Arms LeeThe Test of Green Scarp
Infected AnimalsScenario10Buddhist Novice Ming
Information from Iron Arms LeeScenario20Iron Arms LeeOral Message from Iron Arms Lee
Kill the Big Blood EidolonPrimary4Buddhist Novice MingExterminate the Blood EidolonsThe Secret of the Blood Eidolons
Oral Message from Ascetic FuhuPrimary20Ascetic FuhuSky Village ProtectorFairy Prentice
Perish Blood EidolonScenario15Buddhist Novice Ming
Send the MedicinePrimary3Buddhist Novice ShanCollect the Spring WaterExterminate the Blood Eidolons
The Herbs of Old NanmuPrimary2Buddhist Novice ShanGreedy Buddha SlaveDrive Away the Apes
The Secret of the Blood EidolonsPrimary4Buddhist Novice MingKill the Big Blood EidolonThe Test of Green Scarp
The Test of Green ScarpPrimary5Iron Arms LeeThe Secret of the Blood EidolonsGo Down of the Mountain


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