Talisman Online Wiki

What is Identify?

Each character has four main attributes and five extended attributes, which determine their attack force, upper limit of HP or Mana and other important values. These values can be added to a character through their Talismans and defensive gear, but some original attributes are not activated when the item is acquired, which means these related values can not be added to you even if you are equipped these items. So we need to Identify these items to activate these attributes.

Identify Gems

There are three types of Identify Gem, which are:

How to Identify?

To activate them, talismans and defensive gear can be identified with the help of the Blacksmith by using a suitable Identify Gem to activate the unidentified gray attribute.

The color of gem must match the rarity color of the item to be identified. One Gem is needed to unlock each unidentified attribute.

Speak to the Blacksmith, and select the Identify option in his dialogue.

Green Identify pane.jpgBlue Identify pane.jpgGolden Identify page.jpg

Drag the item to the left blank of the interface with the gem on the right. Then press the button Identify, the gray attribute will be brightened (If the item has two gray attributes, the first one will be activated automatically).


All of the Identify Gems can be acquired through normal drops, trade, auction and purchased from the in-game shop.