There is a village called Wei's Village at the southwest of Mercy Temple. A few days ago, the temple sent invitation for heroes to ask supernatural being to have a fight at Wei's Village. Chase Geezer said the eveils in Wei's Village are not the most excellent ones. Their main force are waiting at their ease for an exhausted enemy in Mercy Temple. So we will attack Mercy Temple directly. <Player name>, we rely on you to solve the problem in Wei's Village.

Sun Nan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Defeat Wei's Village' Guards.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Defeat the guards in Wei's Village, then you can enter the village.

Ask DialogueEdit

Go southwest from here and you will find Wei's Village


Accomplish DialogueEdit

According to what <Player name> said, Wei's Village is an stealthy outpost. The main force should be in Mercy Temple.