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The head is Master with White Eyebrow, who only wants male prentice. All the prentices have to do a tonsure before they start to cultivate themselves. There is Another monk called Buddhist Monk Tian Meng, whose position is even higher than Master with White Eyebrow . But his trace has been lost for a long time.

Standard Point: HP / Stamina / Break, stamina point will recover 10 points in every second, the upper limit is 100 points
Feature: Strongest ability of anti-attacking
Weakness: Few skills to deal with long-distance enemy
Usage in a Team: Damage absorber, melee attacker
Weapons: Buddhist Shovel and Buddhist Staff
Attack Attributes: Buddha and Fire
Main attribute: Strength


Weapon: Shovel, Staff

Assist: Diamond Sutra, Buddha Bone, Treasure Loop, Heart Lotus

Defensive gear

Default Grey Cloth Commandment Sky Drum
Default monk armor.jpg
Sky Drum armor.jpg
Wild Vision Thunder Sound Buddha Vigor All Heaven
Buddha Vigor armor.jpg