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A Divine Tiger and rider

Mounts are animals to ride. Depending on the mount, they increase your movement speed 20% or 30% at lvl 0.

Most mounts can be upgraded by successfully combining with an Emerald, increasing the movement speed by 10% each time. The exceptions to this are the Lavender White Tigers and Dolphin.

Mounts upgraded between +0 to +6 can be used anywhere except scenarios. Mounts upgraded to +7 and greater can be used anywhere.

Aurora ReindeerBlue Flame HorseDivine TigerElite FloaterFancy FoxFire KylinFire PhoenixGolden WolfHoly FloaterLavender TigerLightning ReindeerMoon BearRed Flame HorseSea KylinSecret FoxSilver WolfWhite BearWhite Tiger