Quests are tasks you perform to progress through the game, gaining experience, and acquiring rewards.

The functions of Quests:Edit

Doing quests is the principle way to level up and get equipment. If you want to level up and become stronger, it is absolutely right to spend most of your time on the quests. It can let you get twice the result with half the effort. Accept as many quests as you can. Once you have finished one quest, you soon turn to another!

How to accept a quest?Edit

There are all kinds of NPCs with different functions all over the vast game world. When you see a NPC with a yellow exclamation mark over his head, it means that he has quests which are available at your level.

Some of the accepted quests are series quests, they need your patience to finish the little quests in all phases. There are also some elite quests. To finish them, you'd better find some partners.

The function of tracing the quests:Edit

In order to know the content and condition of the quests more quickly and easily, you can check the right side of the main interface of the game. When you have quests, it will show you the progress of your quests. At the same time, you can open the quest list (T) to check details. You can choose to trace or not to trace certain quest. Even you can choose to give up some quests that you have accepted but don't want to do any more.

Reply Quest and get the reward:Edit

After you finished your quest, you can find the NPC, with a yellow ask question mark over his head and displayed on your mini map by a yellow dot, to reply to the quest and get the reward. The reward of a quest is bound. So the reward can be equipped or can be sold to NPC, but it can not be sent or sold to another player.

Quest Sharing:Edit

In Talisman Online, most of the quests can be shared with other players, but there are some requirements:

  1. The quests can only be shared if all players are on the same team.
  2. If the shared quest is one in the series quests, all players who are sharing the quest must keep the same progress in finishing the quest.

Types of QuestsEdit

Primary Can be completed once per character and moves your character forward through the story.
Daily Can be repeated daily, sometimes multiple times daily, per character.
Reputation Increases your reputation in a specific region.
Elite Involves killing a boss.
Scenario Provides special rewards in scenario areas.
Guild Available from the Stone of Sword in the Guild Demesne and provides guild rank increase and gold.
Happy Special quests that offer special rewards. Added in Patch Release 1652 on May 4, 2010.

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