I love thie peaceful world and really enjoy the beautiful landscape here. But this serenity is now under great threat due to the evildoing of the heathendom! I must remake the magic Buddha Lotus to strengthen our power. To make it come true, the five Kernels are necessary. Kernel of Buddha is occupied by Wild Boar King; Dicephalous Snake is hiding in the Snake Cave after having stolen the Kernel of Poison. The Super Machine Monster, failed to control the power of Kernel of Lightning and turned to a giant one, has been making a mess in Flowers Mountain.

Sir Adam

Quest DescriptionEdit

Collect the five Kernels for Sir Adam. Get Kernel of Buddha from BOSS Wild Boar King in Lotus Cave; get Kernel of Poison from BOSS Dicephalous Snake in Snake Cave; get Kernel of Lightning from the Super Machine Monster in Flowers Mountain. Kernel of Fire and Kernel of Water can be gotten from Lady Cristina.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

This monster is hard to cope with, so please take care!

Ask DialogueEdit

You'd better invite some friends to help you if you have no confidence. Or you can have a try after reaching a higher level.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Wonderful! I've collected the five Kernels! Lady Cristina and I have prepared one gift for you, please accept it. We are convinced that love conquers all.