NPC's Edit

Area NPC
Sand Village Gentleman
Transport Fay
Immortal Tamer
Servant Chile
Present Man
Yan Nan Fei
Post Officer
Ascetic Fuhu
Soul of South Border Warrior
Guild Admin
Sand Village Head
Warehouse Man
Teleport Stele
Sand Village North Villager to Scout
Celestial Tao


Area Monster Name Level
Sand Village South Little Pangolin 2
Yellow Wolf 3
Feral Ghost 4
Roving Bandit Head 6
Sand Village North Battle Horse 6
Roving Bandit 6
Elite Roving Bandit 6
Tempted Man 9
Bandit's Lair War Wolf 7
Elite Mounted Brigand 7
Mounted Brigand 8
Herald Without Eyebrow 8
Syren Without Eyebrow 9
Mounted Brigand Head 8
Bitter Elf Ruins Bitter Elf 9
Undeserved Ghost 10
Friar's Lantern 10
Fire Tao 10


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Defeated Mounted BrigandsPrimarySand Village HeadHunting the Brigand Head
Go AstrayEliteCelestial TaoStrange Wildfire
Herald with No EyebrowPrimarySand Village Head
HuntingPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandThe Brigand's Battle horsesMounted Brigand in Desert
Hunting the Brigand HeadEliteBulletin BoardDefeated Mounted Brigands
Mounted Brigand Picked TroopsPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandHunting
Mounted Brigand in DesertPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandHuntingMounted Brigand Picked Troops
Nose for the TruthPrimarySand Village Head
Protect the VillagePrimaryYan Nan Fei
Roving Bandit Head WantedEliteBulletin Board
Sneak Attack the Roving BanditsPrimaryVillager to ScoutNose for the Truth
Strange WildfirePrimaryCelestial TaoThe Undeserved GhostGo Astray
The Bitter ElfPrimaryCelestial TaoThe Confidential LetteThe Undeserved Ghost
The Brigand's Battle horsesPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandHunting
The Epigraph in Sand VillagePrimarySand Village HeadThe No-eyebrow Junta
The No-eyebrow JuntaPrimaryCelestial TaoThe Confidential Lette
The Undeserved GhostPrimaryCelestial TaoThe Bitter ElfStrange Wildfire

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