Scenarios are independent and special scenes, separated from the common areas, which are unique places only for you and your teammates without other unrelated players. There are 16 scenarios in all in the world of Talisman Online at present, covering beautiful underwater scene, luxurious palace hall, different kinds of caves and freezing cold world, etc.

Scenario FAQEdit

What's the importance of the scenario?

You can gain rare and useful talisman or different kinds of equipments through killing the BOSS or monsters in scenario. It is a place full of valuable items.

Are the quests in scenario difficult?

The quests in scenario are mostly high-level tasks with strong different kinds of mobs waiting for you. Although the quests in scenarios are difficult, the related rewards are good and attractive.

How many scenarios are there in Talisman Online now?

There are 12 major scenarios located in different areas and 2 minor ones in Green Scarp.

What should we do if I disconnect or die in the scenario?

If you die in the scenario and there is no one to revive you, you will revive automatically at the entrance of this scenario. If you disconnect and log on again within a short period of time, you will start at the place where you disconnected.

What will happen if I leave the team or the team is dismissed in scenario?

The one who leaves the team will be sent to the entrance of the present scenario after 60 seconds; if the team is dismissed, all members will be sent to the entrance after 60 seconds automatically.

What should I do if all my teammates and I die in scenario?

The scenario area is usually held on the line for a period of time. You don't need to kill the monsters again as long as you return to that time.

How can I judge whether the scenario is reset?

Generally speaking, you can judge through the monsters' number in this area, for not all the monsters in scenario will be refreshed.

If I finish the quest in scenarios A, and I want to go to scenario B, how should I go there?

If there is a team in scenario B willing to team up you after you leave your team in scenario A, you can join in scenario B. But you should go to the entrance of scenario B yourself.

Are pets and mounts available in scenario?

Pets can accompany their owners in scenario, and you must summon it out again after entering; but only mounts with +7 or above are allowed used in scenario.

Can I enter scenario if I have no quest?

Of course you can, all players can access to it as long as your level are not below the required one. Actually, many warm-heart players often go to scenarios to help others or to fight for useful items.

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