NPC's Edit

Area NPC
White Shrubberies Eighth Auntie
Ghost Shadow Swamp Counterjumper (2)
Chamber of Commerce Boss
Jokul Hunter
Pink Bee
Ghost Wind Valley Jokul Doctor
Fur Chapman
Snow Village Reputation Merchant
Warehouse Man
Present Man
Post Officer
Snow Village Head
Transport Fay
Uncle Liu
Teleport Stele
Outer Far Temple Soul of Eighth Auntie


Demon of West Region
Demon of Sanskrit Sound
Area Monster Name Level
White Shrubberies Western Regions Enchanter 35
Western Regions Gundog 35
Western Regions Evil Monk 35
Ghost Shadow Swamp Bald Vulture Guard 36
Red Head Vulture 36
Rotten-Eat Crocodile 36
Bald Vulture Head 36
Ghost Wind Valley Black Bear 37
Bine Monster 37
Guard of West Region Demon 38
Demon of West Region 38
Snow Forest Jokul Flying Snake 37
Riprap Hillock Ore Giant 38
Ancient Snow Man 39
Jokul Hunting Ground Mountain Wild Wolf 38
Outer Far Temple Snow Leopard 39
Snow Eagle 39
Floating Ice Area Ancient Snow Man 40
Far Temple Evil Monk Guard 40
Evil Monk in Far Temple 40
Demon of Sanskrit Sound 40


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Confirm the InformationPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieThe Soul of Eighth AuntieUproot the Evildoers
Gest Test
Crisis in the SwampPrimaryChamber of Commerce BossLatent CrisisThe Bald Vulture Head
Most Urgent
Demon of Sanskrit Sound (quest)EliteSoul of Eighth AuntieUproot the Evildoers
Eighth Auntie's TokenPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieDemon Soldier (quest)
Far Temple CrisisRepeatable38Snow Village Head
Gest TestPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieConfirm the Information
Latent CrisisPrimaryChamber of Commerce BossTransport GoodsCrisis in the Swamp
Look for the PharmacopoeiaPrimaryJokul DoctorThe Wounded Apothecary
On Behalf of JusticeReputationSnow Village Head
Protect Pink BeeRepeatable45Pink Bee
Request of the Fur ChapmanPrimary35Fur Chapman
RevengePrimaryCorpseSearch for the CorpseTest before Action
Take the Head of Demon
Search for the CorpsePrimaryEighth AuntieWestern Regions EnchanterRevenge
Snow Mountain MonsterReputation35Reputation Merchant
StarvationPrimaryEighth Auntie
Take the Head of DemonElite36Eighth AuntieRevenge
Test before ActionPrimaryEighth AuntieRevengeTransport Goods
The Bald Vulture HeadEliteChamber of Commerce BossCrisis in the Swamp
The Delicious FoodPrimary36Jokul HunterThe Jokul Flying SnakeKaoliang Spirit (quest)
The Eyes of Snow EaglesPrimary37Apothecary
The Gallbladders of Snow LeopardsPrimary37Apothecary
The Jokul Flying SnakePrimary35Jokul HunterThe Delicious Food
The Soul of Eighth AuntiePrimary38Snow Village HeadWorry of the Village Head (elite)Confirm the Information
The Wounded ApothecaryPrimary35Jokul DoctorLook for the Pharmacopoeia
Transport GoodsPrimaryCounterjumper (2)Test before ActionLatent Crisis
Uproot the EvildoersPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieConfirm the InformationDemon of Sanskrit Sound (quest)
Western Regions EnchanterPrimaryEighth AuntieSearch for the Corpse
Worry of the Village HeadPrimary37Snow Village HeadWorry of the Village Head (elite)
Worry of the Village Head (elite)EliteSnow Village HeadWorry of the Village HeadThe Soul of Eighth Auntie


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Tiger MountainStone CityBlack Wind CampBeauty VillageLaurel MountainSnow MountainWhorl Mountain
Vast MountainBlood MountainDai's FieldBlue MountainThunder RidgeSimen Mountain