Talisman Online Wiki

A talisman is an equipment item that strengthens your character and grants your character abilities.


Talismans can be divided into two types, weapon and assist. Each character class has 6 talismans, 2 weapon and 4 assist. All talismans can be enhanced with energy, Weapon Talismans can also be combined.


Weapon talismans give your character combat skills. For each class, there are two types of weapon talismans

Wizard Sword Blade
Monk Shovel Staff
Fairy Wheel Pearl
Tamer Bow Crossbow
Assassin Chain Simitar Dagger


Assist talismans frequently do not have combat skills, but they do have skills to improve your character, such as buffs.

Wizard Ice Shield Longbrow Needle Warm Jade Tao Symbol
Monk Diamond Sutra Buddha Bone Treasure Loop Heart Lotus
Fairy Treasure Leaf Wonder Needle Purple Cloud Purple Cowry
Tamer Pet Bell Jade Vessel Nature Booklet Trap Meshwork
Assassin Hasty Shoes Theurgy Bell Array Flag Dragon Roc