Tamer Gong Ye Huang is good at animals' language, and can talk with every kind of animal. He overheard the sound from the white parrot and got a Tao book. He was enlightened and created Tamer after many years' enhancement. Tamers increase their own ability by domesticating different kinds of wild animals.

Standard Point: HP / Mana
Feature: The most excellent solo player
Weakness: They need to increase their ability by their pet
Usage in a Team: Long-distance attacker, pet can be the secondary damage absorber
Weapons: Bow and Crossbow
Attack Attributes: Water and Poison
Main attribute: Intelligence


Weapon: Bow, Crossbow

Assist: Pet Bell, Jade Vessel, Nature Booklet, Trap Meshwork

Defensive gearEdit

Default Hill Finch Green Swift Night Hawk
Default Tamer armor
Hill Finch armor
Green Swift armor
Night Hawk armor
Silver Gull Blue Snipe Red Ibis Black Falcon
Silver Gull armor
Blue Snipe armor
Red Ibis armor
Black Falcon armor