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Green Scarp is green all the year round and is a nice quiet place. A thousand years ago, the demons besieged Green Scarp. The Old Nanmu bound the demon with his original energy ball. He was badly injured because of this and lost the fruit that he has practiced for hundreds of years. Since then, we made a rule that everyone here must pick herbs for Old Nanmu. The herbs are just around the Green Scarp. <Player name>, go to pick some please.

Buddhist Novice Shan

Quest Description

Green Scarp Herb plant.

Help Buddhist Novice Shan to collect herbs around the Green Scarp.

Acceptance Dialogue

The herbs can be found around the Green Scarp, be patient!

Ask Dialogue

It seems that you haven't picked enough herbs.


All what you have to do is to find two Green Scarp Herbs and to give them to Buddhist Novice Shan for the medicine. There are a lot of flowers around Green Scarp so it won't be hard at all!

Acceptance Dialogue

Good! You have done a good job! The herbs are fresh.