NPCs Edit

Area Name
Floating Ice Area Reputation Merchant
Post Officer
Precision Blacksmith
Xu Yue
Live Diagram Zone Blacksmith
Post Officer
Silver Cicada
Ice Prick Forest Blacksmith
Warehouse Man
Post Officer
Transport Fay
Wain Tao
Teleport Stele
Hotspring Valley Blacksmith
Post Officer
Muscle-man Wei
Throat Rift Stage Precision Blacksmith
Post Officer
Reputation Merchant
Le San Guan
Arm Broken Bluff Roaming Apothecary
Tao Bai Shui

Monsters Edit

Area Monster Name Level
Live Diagram Zone Blade Ranger 41
Claw Beast 41
Snow Man 41
Ice Prick Forest Snow Beast 42
Masked Heister 42
Hotspring Valley Evil Snow Giant 43
Water Monster 43
Mire Monster 43
Ice Prick Hill Hell Snow Giant 44
Death Diagram Zone Hollow Masked Heister 44
Throat Rift Stage Frost Skull 44
Throat Rift Orc 45
Arm Broken Bluff Orc Watcher 45
Phantom Corpse 45


Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Blade Ranger (quest)Primary39Xu YueEighth Auntie's TokenSnow Man
Collect Fur of Snow BeastPrimarySilver Cicada
Collect the Valuable BooksScenarioSilver Cicada
Counterattack from the Snow ManPrimarySilver CicadaSnow Man (quest)Collect Fur of Snow Beast
Death Diagram ActionReputationReputation Merchant
Demon Soldier (quest)Primary39Xu YueEighth Auntie's TokenDemon Soldier Claw (quest)
Demon Soldier Claw (quest)Primary39Xu YueDemon Soldier (quest)Seeking Silver Cicada
Evil Blade (quest)Scenario43Tao Bai Shui
Evil Snow Giant (quest)Primary41Wain TaoSeeking Wain TaoWhite Lotus (quest)
Hell Snow Giant (quest)Scenario41Wain Tao
Hotspring Water (quest)Primary41Wain TaoSeeking Wain Tao
Live Diagram ActionPrimarySilver Cicada
Looking for Muscle-man WeiPrimaryWain TaoMire Monster (quest)
Masked Heister (quest)Primary40Silver CicadaSeeking Silver CicadaSeeking Wain Tao
Mire Monster (quest)Primary41Wain TaoSeeking Wain TaoLooking for Muscle-man Wei
Phantom Corpse (quest)Primary43Le San Guan
Seeking Silver CicadaPrimary39Xu YueDemon Soldier Claw (quest)
Seeking Wain TaoPrimarySilver CicadaMasked Heister (quest)Hotspring Water (quest)
Siege Fantasy PalaceScenarioReputation Merchant
Snow Man (quest)Primary39Xu YueBlade RangerCounterattack from the Snow Man
Tao Bai Shui (quest)Scenario43Tao Bai Shui
Virulent Spider (quest)Scenario43Tao Bai Shui
White Lotus (quest)PrimaryWain TaoEvil Snow Giant (quest)


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